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Financial Advantage: 


Industry-Wide Savings & Discounts

The buying leverage and power attained through our unique industry relationships provide our clients access to some of the best savings and discounted rates in travel.


Customized Travel Policies

Beyond the tangible savings, our expertise with crafting personalized travel policies and structures saves our clients thousands.  With the consultation and detailed reporting, your policies continue gaining effectiveness and adaptiveness to your business structure and goals.


Corporate Vendor Programs

We monitor our clients’ travel and ensure they are signed up for all relevant corporate programs across the industry.  Then, through our online tools, these programs are automatically applied to every related booking to maximize your buying power.


Negotiated Contracts

Our established industry network allows us to negotiate valuable contracts on our clients’ behalf, always with the best vendors in your locations with the highest volumes.


Unused, Voids, & Cancellations

All airline-credit from unused tickets will be stored in your travelers’ profiles (with reminder icons) until applied to a future trip.  Additionally, our easy void & cancel technologies allow travelers to efficiently and properly cancel the trips they cannot attend.


Strategic Technologies

To cap it off, we have a portfolio of technologies that further promote cost savings, including search tools & add-ons for finding the lowest fares, approval processes, travel compliance support, and so much more.

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