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The Advantages


  • Our tenured team has worked across all sectors of the industry, not only as third-party hotel-sourcers, but also as meeting planners and in the hotels themselves.

  • We have sourced countless destinations domestically, as well as a myriad of international locations. We have worked with groups from 10 – 10,000 in size and coming from all kinds of industries. 

  • Our team understands the agenda of all parties, anticipating problems before they occur, needs before they manifest, and knowing the right way to negotiate a hotel contract. 

Save Time

  • We do all of the busy work in the process at your direction.  You are the boss, and you ultimately            make the final decision.

  • We fulfil the duties of RFP building, RFP distribution, and bid-collection. 

  • You will receive a summary of the responses in an organized Excel document.


Save Money

  • Our industry buying leverage provides preferred rates - hotels want to work with our clients.

  • We engage in effective and proven contract-negotiation strategies.

  • Use the opportunity cost of your saved time to get to other valuable tasks.


Contract Expertise

  • Our experts are seasoned in hotel contracts, your biggest area of exposure when working with hotels.

  • We request, review, & consult on the contract before you sign.  We have worked in hotels and know their agenda and goals.

  • After the contract has been signed we are still here for you, including tasks like drafting addendums.


Hotel Network

  • Our National Sales contacts ensure you are provided with their best options, every time.

  • We use software with over 250,000 hotels, resorts, & venues.

  • Major brands and independent hotels know our clients and work hard to get their business.


Industry Perks

  • You can still attend site-visits and receive special amenities, gifts, and bonus points from hotels.

  • Our industry status also allows us to pass FAM trips on to our clients, allowing you to experience a potential destination firsthand.

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